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View of a group of construction workers spreading freshly poured concrete mix


Welcome to Barrow Brothers, your trusted local family-run concrete suppliers and contractors serving Preston, Blackpool, and the surrounding areas. We specialise in providing specialised concrete solutions, including barrowing services, and free local delivery* for your convenience of top-quality concrete to suit your specific construction requirements. Our concrete is expertly mixed on-site, ensuring no additional costs for part-load or disposal. At Barrow Brothers, we are committed to providing a professional and prompt service at all times, at highly competitive rates, whilst adhering to the highest standards.


*Free delivery is available within a 15-mile radius of our depot.


We are Barrow Brothers, a local family-run concreting service. We deliver barrow mix concrete in Preston, Blackpool and the surrounding areas, suitable for a range of applications including footings, bases, patios, garage bases and piling. Thanks to our commitment to meeting the most stringent quality standards, we've earned the trust of the communities we serve.


We take pride in providing a personal and professional service to all of our customers. Our aim is to deliver fresh quality concrete at affordable prices whilst giving you great customer service from start to finish. With several years of experience, products and services to suit most jobs and state-of-the-art equipment, you can be sure of a quality service.

Below is an outline of what we offer:

  • Fresh quality concrete mixed on site ensuring accurate quantities.

  • We have no part-load or disposal charges.

  • Concrete is available in various mix designs for a variety of applications.

  • Free barrowing service up to 30 m from the rear of the wagon.

  • Straight pours up to 12 ft at a speed of 1 m³ per minute – this can be adjusted.

  • Clean, tidy and efficient service from our friendly and reliable staff.

  • The wagon is calibrated to do specified mixes.

  • We always use high quality materials to give you the best concrete.

Side view of a Barrow Brothers truck


At Barrow Brothers, we offer comprehensive concrete services to cater to your diverse construction needs. Our barrowing services ensure the efficient transportation of concrete to your desired location, while our experienced concrete contractors handle everything from concrete floors to foundations, ensuring the highest quality workmanship. We specialise in concrete kerbs, concrete laying and concrete slabs, providing solid concrete foundations for your projects. Whether you require ready mixed concrete or small loads, our concreting solutions are tailored to your specifications. We also offer fibre-reinforced concrete, adding strength and durability to your structures. With Barrow Brothers, you can trust us to deliver concreting solutions that meet your specific project requirements.


At Barrow Brothers, we understand that your construction projects demand precision and reliability. That's why we go the extra mile to deliver high-quality concrete solutions that meet your unique requirements. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success, and we are committed to providing unparalleled service from start to finish. Whether you're working on footings, patios, garage bases, piling, or any other construction project, Barrow Brothers is your trusted partner for all your concreting needs. 


*Free barrowing service is available for distances up to 30 metres from the rear of our wagon, subject to terms and conditions. Please contact us for more details.

View of multiple construction workers spreading the concrete evenly on the ground


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